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Refine vehicle crew turn-in/ turn-out behaviour
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Please refine the behaviour for vehicle crew for turning in/ out.
Please make it so that AI in Danger/Combat mode do not turn out if the Player turns out.
And that AI do not force a turn in for the player.

Atm it is like this:
Everytime the player turns out, the entire vehicle crew does so as well, no matter the circumstances. This is often not ideal, because sometimes its just better to turn out as a driver and commander for better visibility - if the entire AI crew turns out as well thats a way bigger risk to lose crew through fire. They automatically turn in when they spot an enemy, but often thats already too late.

Additionally Player turn out mode should not be effected by AI behaviour!
If you are the driver of an APC for example, you automatically turn in when the AI detects an enemy. This is annoying, and the player should decide for himself.

AI as Driver, Player as Commander:
AI as Commander, Player as Driver (i'm constantly pressing the turn out hotkey)
the AI commander constantly forces a turn in for the player.


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Agree. One of the things OFP did better. Very annoying.

Indeed. Very annoying that even players can be restricted by other players or ai. Maybe this should even be a squad command. There are times when I like to turn out as driver, but want to keep my ai turned in and ready.

Agree with this.