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Placing the respawn tent - results in audio message spamming - repeated for each member of squad.
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Deploy the respawn tent. Audio message "Be aware new insertion point available" is repeated x times ie. repeated for each member in the squad. The New respawn dialog also appears x times ie. repeated for each team member. {F25236}


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Example: Create a squad of 6 units and group under player. Add B_Respawn_TentA_F to player. Deploy the respawn tent. Audio message "Be aware new insertion point available" is repeated 6 times. The New respawn dialog also appears 6 times.

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If you equip your player with a respawn tent when you start a mp mission the tent appears attached to your legs. Essentially you become a walking tent.

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thank you for submitting the issue. I was not able to reproduce, would it be possible to upload a simple repromission?
Thank you very much.

The attached file shows the new respawn point message spamming - when you place the respawn tent. The notification message appears once for each team member as stated. Not sure why you could not reproduce - just open in editor - no mods loaded - Arma3 launched via launcher.

It makes no difference if there is a respawn_west marker or init/description file with mission and respawn type stated. The deployment of a respawn tent spams x no of messages - based on the size of the team.

Audio notification is now not playing at all for some reason. Maybe latest patch changed something. There should be 1 audio notification when deployed.

Thank you for the mission, I can now reproduce it (there was a problem with debug console on my side). I have assigned the issue internally.

Thanks a lot Iceman! Not a big issue but would be nice to have fixed.

Should be fixed in the next dev branch update