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Arma 3 1.36 RC 3 Crashes (Non-PhysX Crashes)
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Random client crashes in RC version of Breaking Point. This is the non-physX crashes. Usually states fault in unknown module in RPT.


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Iceman added a comment.Dec 3 2014, 2:06 PM

Hello, thank you for the report,
could you please try to generate more crashdumps? There is a serious issue inside which we cannot currently localize. Thank you very much.

Uploaded another crashdump arma3_2014-12-03_12-20-27.rar

Still waiting for members of the community of BP to send me crashes on RC 5. Trying to get them ASAP because I know you are patching RC to stable soon.

Thank you!
I analysed the new dumps you sent me. We did some changes based on them, but more dumps would be very helpful.

Uploaded another crashdump, arma3_2014-12-03_12-31-11.rar. It's on RC 5

Thanks, but this crashdump is from version 1.34.128075, which is current Stable. I'll analyse it anyway just to check if it was fixed already.

Scratch that, its thats the wrong version.

Sorry my community sends me these crashes and I didn't check that version of that one.

That's really not a problem, we are grateful that you are sending them to us!

Uploaded another crashdump arma3_2014-12-04_18-09-33.rar

when you start the game provides "the executable file of the game could not be found. restore the game using steam client" check cache and nothing, I ask for help from experts

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