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Advanced Driving Model
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Add an optional "Advanced Driving Model", simliar to the "Advanced Flight Model", to the game.

It should include things like:
Manual transmission, including reverse and idle (see this request:
Direct gas control (no auto-brake when going downhill)(see this request:
Separate brake button (the current brake button is actually a handbrake)
Turn signals with hazard flasher function
(Possibly windscreen wiper (either as buttons or only in the scroll wheel menu))
Optional clutch
Analog gas (not speed), brake and clutch
Automatic and manual versions of cars would also be nice.
(Or an option for cars in the new 3D Eden Editor, or via script.)
Karts (and bicycles would have sequential gear.
Additional difficulty settings (all gear options/only specified, clutch yes/no, fixed automatic/sequential/H-shifter, fishtailing etc.), similar to the "Advanced Flight Model"

Improvements to vehicle behavior and improved realism woul also be appreciated.

Some features, like turn signals and windscreen wiper, could also be available in the normal driving model.


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Steps To Reproduce
  • Add "Advanced Driving Model"
    • Add controls for:
  • gear up/down [toggle] (for sequential)
  • gear R/N/D/S/1/2/3/4/5/6 [toggle] (for automatic and H-shifter-option on Keyboard)
  • gear R/1/2/3/4/5/6 [hold down] (for actual H-shifter. Gear should automatically swich to idle when no gear is selected)
  • (foot) brake (the current brake button is actually a handbrake)
  • clutch
  • left/right turn signal [toggle]
  • hazard flasher [toggle]

(- windscreen wiper [toggle]
(- increase/decrease wiper speed)

  • Analog gas (not speed), (foot) break and clutch
Additional Information

The shifter from the Logitech G27 has 6 gears plus one reverse gear (press down).
I don't know how many gears other devices have.

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That would be cool, though, I don't expect it to be "free" if they decide to add it. By that, I mean, it would be apart of DLC. It would be free but people could also support the developers by buying the full DLC. Just like the Helicopter DLC.

Sounds perfect!

Some notes here:
Separate brake button (the current brake button is actually a handbrake)
-> it is a brake, not a handbrake. If you see only your rear wheels braking, check your key settings. In the config you can give all wheels independent brake force via maxBrakeTorque. Different numbers for different wheels, and you can have you're car turn slightly to one side when braking, like in real life.

turn signals (possibly with hazard flasher function)
-> This is already possible, BI is just to "lazy" to do that. Dezkit developed a way to imitate turn signals which worked astonishingly well.

possibly windscreen wiper (either as buttons or only in the scroll wheel menu)
-> It's possible as well, but this does not has any purpose when there's no water on the windscreen.

Anyway, before ANY changes on the current settings for vehicles are considered, Bohemia should apply pressure on Nvidia to rework the clutch problem:

Without a propper simulation of a clutch, there's absolutely no need for improved vehicles, when one of the most important parts isn't even close to being simulated....

@ CplBasti:
I was just suggesting this feature. It doesn't have to be implemented tomorrow.
Any issues with PhysX or the engine should, of course, be taken care of first.
I'd still like to see this feature implemented eventually.

regarding the brakes:
The only separate brake-control i could find in the controls menu is called "handbreak".
If i use this button the car tends to drift.
As i understand it, in arma you brake by pressing the backwards key.
Since the buttons control the actual speed of the car and not the gas, the car brakes and then starts going backwards.
Or am i missing something? If there is another button for the brake, please tell me, as i haven't found it.

Totally must be in-game!

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Another thing would be physics changes and added civilian cars. Some cars, *COUGH* SUV *COUGH* are too easy to flip over, and the steering wheel would need to turn more than 90*, a near-rebuild. It'd be a lot of effort but it would improve driving a lot.

Yes, vehicle steering overhaul would be much helpful, some vehicles are very easy to flip over and sometimes after entering the vehicle (happens with ATV all the time) the steering is locked to the right or left because you touched the mouse while entering the driver seat.

Changed some small things.
We really need this as a DLC with free platform update!

Devs, do this please :)

KtDodye added a subscriber: KtDodye.May 7 2016, 7:53 PM

Ï would puke myself of happiness if this was ingame.

Arkhir added a subscriber: Arkhir.May 7 2016, 7:53 PM

This, and also more civilian cars in the DLC as paid content :D

I'd settle for analogue gas and break bindings on the vehicle keyboard controls configuration screen. It has analogue left and right.