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Zeus - Grouped Object Rotation Stacks All Objects In One Place
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Whenever using Zeus to place multiple objects (creating FOB, roadblock, camps, etc) if all objects are selected and rotated to face a new direction rather than their original orientation, all of the objects stack onto each other rather than remaining in the same spacing/positions. This occurs with all objects available to place with Zeus. Vehicles, fortifications, structures, ammo, objects, etc.


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Steps To Reproduce

-place down any number of objects in a given area
-select all objects with Zeus
-press shift key to enable object rotation
-rotate objects as a group (their highlight should show their spacing remains the same)
-once objects are rotated, release shift key and mouse button to drop objects into their new orientation
-all objects will now move into central area of rotation in one stack

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Anton added a comment.Nov 27 2014, 3:37 PM

I think this actually has to do with dragging any objects on top of another. Rotating is fine as long as you don't end with the mouse on another object.

The same thing happens when moving objects. It looks like (maybe?) they added a 'feature' where dragging one object on top of another would snap it to the same position. However, it looks like the snapping code doesn't take into account the current selection (which should be excluded from the 'things to snap to' list, but isn't). This means that when you release the mouse button, if your mouse happens to be over top of ANY other object (even an object in the set of things you are rotating) it stacks EVERYTHING you had selected into that position.

This is crazy annoying - especially since there is no 'undo' feature and you can undo a huge amount of work by having everything collapse into a black hole with one mis-click.

Anton, that could have something to do with it actually. I've never really paid attention to whether or not my mouse cursor was over one of the objects previous locations. Will test it to confirm.

I can confirm this is happening. I've lost literally hours of work over the past few days when working on an exporting script for zeus. Not to mention how poorly coded the snapping functionality is (if it is even supposed to exist). When I try to walls next to each other now they don't even get remotely close to each other, one always snaps like 3 meters apart from the other one. Though this appears from my testing, it ONLY occurs in single player or editor. In Multiplayer this snapping does not happen at. all. Tested on BIS's zeus servers.

JONeill added a subscriber: JONeill.May 7 2016, 7:53 PM

I can also confirm this issue with a short video I took.

Anton added a comment.Dec 4 2014, 10:16 PM

It appears the issue isn't always related to the mouse pointer. A JONeill's video shows it can happen even when you don't leave the pointer on an object. Sometimes things work pretty well, sometimes they seem to always stack up. I'm able to repro it 100% when leaving the mouse pointer on top of an object when I release it however (even when it's working normally otherwise).

JayNic added a comment.Dec 5 2014, 5:47 AM

I can confirm. I cannot vote this up enough... For now, I have been using MCC to build any missions - and bonus: you can %&!@#!ing SAVE in MCC!

you can save in zeus too if you have the scripting knowledge to pull it off. Anyhow, any update on when this is getting fixed?

Ditto on the issue....rotating causes all the objects to group in same spot

So far it doesn't seem like BI even cares about this issue considering we have yet to hear from them about it. I mean, I submitted this a month ago.

Please fix this issue soon, it's really quite a problem.

I must agree. It is an issue, and another one they refuse to fix even though its been assigned. One of those cases where it gets assigned to the manager then he never has the care to assign it to anyone else in the team who is actually going to fix it (Like Moricky).

Any update to if this is being resolved or not? I submitted this back in November 2014 and the problem is still there.

Any official response from BI would be great... This is such a silly bug, and it seems like an easy win!

Gahh why isn't this fixed. :(

Looks like this ticket got sucked into the black hole just like so many others that get dropped somewhere in the chain between devs that are on here and ones that are doing bug-fixes. This is why this game is such a banged up third-world car nowadays with the blue hood and rusty red paint job.

Can confirm issue is still present with current version. It's happening even without any objects being anywhere near the objects being moved.

As much as I hate bugs and teams of devs that seem like they don't care, we all just need to understand how it all works. They need to prioritize their work and this issue is probably just not one of them. To call this a game that's trash or not worth it is not fair. I think the BI team can however be a little bit more focal on this subject however rather then never commenting on the issue. Just my 2cents

don't worry, this issue has not been forgotten. Zeus team is now fully focusing on delivering Eden editor, but if the situation allows, we might get a fix for this issue as well.