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Hummingbird: rearrange preferred cargo seating to outside benches for first four soldiers
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If you move a fire-team of four into the cargo seats of the Hummingbird, two soldiers will be inside the helicopter. I'd rather have all of them on the outside benches, so they can fire at the enemy if necessary.


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No Bug
Firing from Vehicles
Steps To Reproduce
  • Put Hummingbird in Editor called 'b_helo'
  • Put fire-team of four soldiers in editor
  • put in init fire-team leader {_x moveInCargo b_helo} forEach (units group this);
  • Two of the guys are placed inside the helo, not cool!
Additional Information

More arguments:

  • Realism: soldiers can disembark quicker if they sit on the outside
  • Realism: because of better view for outside soldiers, they have a better situational awareness
  • It looks cooler with the four of them outside

A scripted partial solution is 'this lockCargo [0, true]; this lockCargo [1, true];', to completely block the inside positions, but it would be better if the first four seats are all outside by default.

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Soldiers inside have better protection.
It will be hard to get inside helicopter if there will be soldiers on benches.
It will be better if you may choose where to sit but not to change default positions.

I don't find the protection argument very strong as the helo provides very little protection inside or outside.

Your second argument on the other hand is a very good one, in reality it would be hard to get inside with soldiers on the benches. I didn't think of that.

the order of boarding had to remain the way it is to prevent changing functionality of fundamental commands, such as AssignAsCargo, etc. It would break many community missions. This is no bug, but design decision.

Anyway, thank you for the feedback!