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Random Crashes
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For a long time now I've been having random crashes with the game. I've tried both Vanilla game and with addons. Game seems to be a bit more stable vanilla but still crashes. I see it mostly during SP as thats what i play most. I've been holding off reporting for a while now because I thought maybe it was just my PC, but now i think differently and will explain why.

Here's what I've tried:
-Disabling all Addons
-Reformatted PC (Last version was x64 WIN7 and it was a bit more unstable. Now currently WIN8.1 x64)
-Switched video cards (Current Nvida GTX 770)
-Different PSU (Current Corsair RM750)
-Disabling certain hardware (Extra hard drives, controllers, etc..)
-On latest drivers for all hardware (motherboard, videocard, controllers) {F25181}


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None at the moment, just play and it happens randomly. In some cases sometimes the game freezes for a moment as the sound continues to play, or you hear dead air.

Could not upload minidump as its 12MB

Additional Information

Game Version 1.34.128075

I would like to know exactly what do you need from me in order to help you assist me in troubleshooting further? I think it may be related to video issues as in most of my reports i always see the following lines:
Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at XXXXXXXX
graphics: D3D11
Fault address: 5A0C039F 01:0012F39F C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\PhysX3_x86.dll

I spend a lot of time playing and support you guys all the time on twitter and the forums. I hope you guys can spare some time to help me here. Thank you!

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thank you for reporting the issue. Is it possible to upload the whole crashdumps (rpt + bidmp + mdmp with the same name)? You can use some file sharing site and post a link here. Also, is it possible to upload it with no mods enabled? It makes the analysis much more accurate.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for looking into it.

Ran it vanilla and below is the download link for the 3 files requested.

I tried doing some research and seems it may be related to the famous PhysX issues being posted all over the place. May not be directly your issue, but does affect the game. I am hoping you can assist in some way if this is the case. I do have a Nvidia card GTX 770 as stated above.

Please let me know what else you may need for us to move this forward. Your DEV team has been great. Thanks again!

I have analysed the crashed and assigned it to programmers, thank you.

I dont want to jink it, but ever since the latest release, i havent seem to encounter a crash yet. Fingers crossed and i'll post back in a couple days/weeks. However would like to see if anything related to this crash was actually fixed in the latest build or not (1.36x)

Hi All-
Happy Holidays. After so more play time and no recent crashes, i wanted to update this post. I'm not sure if the latest update resolved the initial crashes, but at this time i have no had any recent issues. I'm afraid at this point to update any drivers and game but will report back if i have any further issues. Thank you!