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Mass RPT SPAM and sound problem : (6200 [receivedMagazine]): Network sync error - NMTFireWeapon
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When somebody fire weapon in MP at dediacated server in vanilla arma 3 sometimes you lose ability to hear gunshots of other players and see muzzle flashes for awhile. While testing i have noticed that using famous RHS mod increase probability of occurence of this error which in the end lead to total loss of ability to hear sounds of gunshots for some players. I hope not only BIS devs but RHS devs read this feedback and they will cooperate their efforts to solve this problem.


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Anyone have idea what does it means? (6200 [receivedMagazine]): Network sync error - NMTFireWeapon

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easy steps to reproduce by Gorogon

Way two (Gun shots and muzzle flashesh dissapears at the beginning but usulaly lately it get back)

  1. drop all your magazines except one in the gun
  2. Drop this one
  3. Take this one, it will automaticly load to gun
  4. Fire
  5. Ask your buddy if he could hear first few seconds of you firing gun

also taking ammo from ammo crates seems to produce that bug

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Getting this issue. Happens fairly consistently. We use quite a few mods.

13:34:04 (5997 [receivedMagazine]): Network sync error - NMTFireWeapon

Attached an RPT from a time where it happened but it's pretty messy with script errors for other things.