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Pick Up weapon should be priority over inventory with single weapon in weaponholder [PICTURE]
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If you put a single weapon on the ground, the top action would be Inventory followed by Pick up action. All other items put on the ground on their own like magazine, watch, uniform, hat, they all have Pick up action as priority. {F25160}


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Put any weapon on the ground, the pick up action is not prioritised.
pick it up
Put anything else but weapon on the ground, you can see hand icon

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Dev branch had a fix today. The weapon is now prioritised ove inventory as it should. However I am not sure about the rest of functionality.

when weapon is in weaponholder among other things, it is possible to individually pick up other items like headgear, firstaid kit, NVGs from action menu without going into Inventory.

however when weapon is removed, everything becomes just a pile and you need to go through it via inventory.

Intended or still a bug?

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I'd like to see addactions removed that have a dedicated key assigned to them. Like inventory. Or does anyone else here see a reason why it should be in the menu?

Can't do that, new people have no idea what key does what. On the other hand there should be UI option so you can specify if you want those actions displayed in action menu or not.

fixing this bug completely ruined the AI action menu (the '6' menu). Now you need to scroll through a dozen pages of "Take xxx" commands just to get to the action you need because the "Take" command is prioritized. It's not worth it.
If you guys insist on keeping this fix, better remove all the "take" commands from the AI action control menu, or limit them items located in a close range to the AI.

I made a related ticket -