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Ifrit and Hunter have incorrectly high damage resistance against AT missiles
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Since a couple months now, the Ifrit and the Hunter have shown much higher-than-expected damage resistance for their engine blocks.

It takes about 3 direct hits on the hood, radiator, or headlights to get them to fully explode, while a hit on any other part will result in immediate destruction. Striders do not seem to suffer this, as a direct hit will destroy them no matter the hit location.

Additionally, the Ifrit has another problem. When directly in front it, at about 50m, if you lock and fire just a bit above the locking icon, the missile will airburst just a few centimeters away from the windshield, instead of allowing a direct hit. I think an easy solution for this would be to move back the lock-on point by about 0.5m to allow the missile to get a direct hit. {F25159}


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Thanks for the video, Upvoted.

To be fair, the Ifrit probably had its windscreen wipers on, witch brushed away the explosion ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to make this clear video, upvoted.

Everything in A3 is indestructible unless you get a direct hit with a nuclear bomb.

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You clearly have no idea what you're talking about here. Both Ifrit and Hunter can be exploded with a single rocket if shot from the sides or the back. Obviously the front is the strongest point and even then it only takes a single rocket to DISABLE the vehicle. On the video your shots were also low as the PCML rocket drops abit after launch and rises afterwards. Also it might take a while for a disabled vehicle to blow up so 2 rockets will do it when shooting at the front. The reason the PCML does not use a direct hit because its designed to rise above the target and strike down at the last moment. As you can see in this video

@Shields: Your point is not valid because the first rocket does not disable the MRAP, the engine only takes about 35% damage and the vehicle keeps running perfectly fine. It's an anti-<b>tank</b> missile after all, it should have no problem blowing the crap out of any MRAP.

Unlike the real thing, <b>the Arma 3 NLAW is configured specifically for direct hits, as evidenced by the game config showing it has a very low splash damage value</b>. The airburst barely does 2% damage max, which is much less than desirable, and was only implemented so the rocket isn't wasted in the air if it misses the target by a couple inches.

Also, in this case, 2 rockets are not enough to cause a delayed explosion. A single hit to the engine only causes 30 to 40% engine damage, while that in order to cause a delayed explosion, the vehicle either needs to sustain at least 98% overall damage, or over 90% fuel tank damage.

Finally, how do you explain the Strider getting destroyed in one hit regardless of the impact location? Wouldn't that be grossly unbalanced compared to other MRAPs?

It should also be noted that this <b>bug</b> was introduced with a recent update, and did not exist when the game was released.

In my testing in the editor a single rocket killed the engine. AT rocket will not nessacerily blow up a vehicle unless there is ammunition inside that would ignite, nor does it have a lot of splash damage as it isn't mean to.
What comes to the strider its probably just built a bit less resistant considering the wide driver view and short length of the vehicle. Lastly arma does not aim to balance vehicles and weapons so every faction would be equal. They have their pro's and con's.

Arma 3 does not take fuel or ammunition into account when deciding if a vehicle should blow up or not. Everything is hardcoded in the game engine, according to the vehicle's simulation type. A delayed or instant explosion is only triggered when either specific hitpoints or the overall structure reach a specific amount of damage.

Confirm. I checked it as well. This problem only affects NLAW.
RPG and TITAN have no such problems. It's killing Ifrit with one hit.
So, I think the fix need influence of NLAW-weapon, not Ifrit.

The author of the ticket, you should fix the name problem. "incorrectly high damage resistance against NLAW-launcher" (not AT-missile) Because AT-Missiles exists in other weapons also.