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Infantry units not displaying proper face animations
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Infantry units do not display proper setmimic facial expressions in situations when they are called for while in-game.

For example, when an infantry unit is killed, their facial expression does not change into the 'setmimic "dead"' expression. Their faces are completely emotionless.

In ArmA 2, the facial expressions would change if a unit was killed.

So, the main issue here is that infantry units should display a "dead" face when killed, but they don't. At the moment, they just display a completely neutral face animation. {F25157}


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Place two infantry units into the editor.

For one unit, place 'this setmimic "dead"' into its init.

For the second unit, add 'this setdamage 1.0' into its init.


Notice how the two facial expressions are different, when they should be the same, since they're dead.

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To fix this, all that would be needed is to have all infantry units display the "dead" setmimic when killed, "hurt" when wounded, etc.

See the picture attached below. The one on the right has the setMimic "dead" enabled through init. The one on the left is dead, but he is not displaying the setMimic, when he should be, since he is dead.

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This may effect other states (such as danger, safe, hurt, as well), not just "dead", with the setmimics not being applied when they should be called for.

setMimic hasn't worked properly since, what, Arma 1? In Arma 2 I guess the facial animations didn't exist, so everybody looked liked a dead-eyed emotionless android. Now the units have dynamic facial expressions but we can't apply them with setMimic.

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+1 for this since it can't be that hard to fix and it would go a long way to making the experience feel more authentic.

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I have no problems with setMimic on living units. It doesn't work on dead units at all though.

Regardless of the scripting command, mimics should be implemented natively like they were in ArmA 2. This is one of these missing details that would greatly enhance the atmosphere of the game.

As above, setMimic hasnt worked properly since at least Arma 1 (I didnt play Arma 1 so I don't know). As in the Flashpoint functionality where you could set individual expressions like "sad", "happy", "angry", etc.

I don't know what you mean about Arma 2. It didn't work at all in A2 either, and the units had no facial expressions whatsoever.

There are new keywords for Arma 3:

Here examples. dead, danger, combat in order:

I know, but they're not very useful. There is scarcely any difference between them. The only noticable differences are that "safe" allows smiling and yawning, and "hurt" favours grimacing over anything else. So far so good. But actual emotions like we had in OFP would be more useful.

Your screenshots of "combat" and "danger" just show the guy doing one of the random mouth animations. Does the "combat" one really look like the guy is in combat? Why would there be any difference between danger and combat anyway? Why would there be any difference between "aware" and "neutral"?

At the very least I think they should bring back some states from Flashpoint, namely "smile", "sad", "angry" and "aggressive", to actually control when a character shows one of those particular expressions rather than simply allowing them to happen randomly. I just fired up OFP for the first time in years to check out setMimic in the editor. You can make a unit look happy, angry, aggressive, surprised, even cynical. Of course the graphics are horrendous and the expressions can be quite comical, but they actually work.

Those are not random mouth animations though. Sure the mimics could be adjusted, but my point was that the command setMimic itself is not broken. At least on living units, but that seems to be more of an issue with the ragdolls.

Still does not appear to be fixed as of the latest Devbranch version (5 January 2017).

Still not fixed as of 15 February 2018.