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Launches, but stays as background process, with error in RPT file.
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This problem started to happen, not long after the latest update, and seems to be an not so common error, however its annoying enough for me to send this report, so here goes.

in the zip file, there is a dxdiag, saying nothing is wrong, as well as two pictures, one during loading, and one a few minutes after. also 4 RPT files, 2 with controller contected and two without(as i can tell from the RPT file, its a controller issue of some sort).

this is happening no matter what version of driver is used, from 344,11 to the latest 344,65.(clean install with all drivers)

here is what i have tried so far to make it work.(all without luck)

  1. disable sli, just to be sure.
  2. revert graphics driver to see if it helps
  3. disconnect secondary monitor.
  4. run game with nosplash and nointro and nobenchmark(in multiple combinations)
  5. disable antivirus, as well as other programs that mess with files.
  6. running windows in "clean" mode.
  7. disconnecting all controlers, and peripherals that was not needed.
  8. waiting for 30 mminutes to see if it was loading slowly.
  9. switching to the DEV build.
  10. all of the above, in different combinations. {F25152} {F25153} {F25154} {F25155}


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Game Crash
Steps To Reproduce
  1. launch game, from steam/directory with exe/using other launchers, including built in launcher.
  2. wait for it to load.
  3. done, error reproduced.
Additional Information

bought all DLC, but cant see why its relevant, still adding it here, and otherwise only one addon, and even without it, problem still occur.

black edge around loading, allways happen, not been an issue before, so doubt it is now.

verifying local game cache does not work either, nor does a full reinstall of arma 3, with all things related to it(appdata folders, steam folders and documents folder) deleted. including all profiles.

my belief is that somehow the update from 11/11 is the one causing problems, as i played fine after heli dlc was released, but not after 11.

sorry for potential spelling errors.

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we released a small update (enabling Visual C++ Redistributable 2013) on the 10th of November, the problem is most likely connected to it.
Could you please try to uninstall them and install again manually?

Thank you very much.

will try as soon as possible, post post whether it fixed it or not, if not, i will add the new RPT files, and dxdiag files. since pictures would be the same.

no change, still turns to be background process, added 4 RPT files, to with and two without controller connected, labeled arma

also, is there a way to try and revert to before the 10th of november? just to be sure its the update, not something on my computer.

also, dont be afraid to ask for any info you need, really want to play arma 3 again, and try out the new flight model, and helicopters

Could you please try to unplug all your USB devices (except mouse and keyboard)?

will do, as soon as possible, will once again post here if it works, or RTP files if it does not.

it still does not work. uploading RPT file.

new graphics driver is out, installing it and will see if it works, if not, no harm done.

new graphics driver did nothing, still not working, must be either hardware or software error, doubting hardware, as it works fine for other games.

just tried switching to the DEV build, just to try and see if it worked, and it did not work.

i just tried again, since i had some issues with updating a driver, and ran a SFC /scannow, and i was able to install the driver, then i decided to try running arma 3 as well, just to see if it would work, and now im able to get in the game, not sure if i missed an update, which fixed it, or if the sfc scannow fixed it, but im able to play now.

running SFC /scannow, seems to have fixed the issue.

sfc /scannow seems to have been temporary, not sure why, but now it does the same things, as before, it launches, shows the loading bar, and just sits in the taskmanager.

just uploaded two rpt files, the one where it worked, due to sfc /scannow and the one right after, where it failed.

Pesoen added a comment.Mar 2 2015, 6:44 AM

okay, fresh install, everything has been removed, and installing now, but cant test it until tuesday.

fres install of windows, and full reinstall of all my steam games, seems to have solved it for now, im going to test it more over the next few days. but i hope it will continue to work.