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Requesting bolt action functionality on a config level
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Basically, this is a feature request to make bolt action rifles easier to create on a config level.

This is what I have achieved on an SQF based level (thanks goes to Bad Benson for that!):

As you can see, it's pretty damned close, but it's messy and also a huge pain to run a script whenever I need the gesture animation to play on the bullet reload source (not a magazine reload).

Is there absolutely no way you can add config based options for this type of animation, during the source "reload"? It would allow us modders to create higher levels of detail in our work.

To add to that, it would be great to get a means to pause the reload source for controlled bolt reloads, as it happens automatically and can be a pain to see where your bullet lands.

Please BI, consider this in a future update, allow us modders to push boundaries, we can't do it without your help.


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See above

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There is a general lack of character-weapon interaction when it comes to animations, hopefully we'll see this attended to for the Marksman DLC.

Push - So it will be recognized by devs. This is a MUST for Marksmen DLC.