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I was playing KotH and i got game crash with error code:
ACCESS_VIOLATION at 646F6F47 {F25116}


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I got another crash on the same server. I connected and just after i choose the slot and i pressed the button i got instant crash. files uploaded

the crashdumps are unfortunately empty, is it possible to try to create at least five of new ones? Thank you.

Five crashdumps?
I have lot of similar crash tickets made before 1.34. What about those? Is it possible that i still having the same issue?

Possible but no likely, I would definitely prefer 1.34 for analysis.

I got crash again. I played on the CHIMERA EU 02 A 3rdp PERF server. Maybe you will find something in the server log too.

it seems that there is an image causing your game to crash. Is it possible to upload it for us to investigate?
It is located here:
c:\users\ladislav\appdata\local\arma 3\squads\huntsmen\54590f4fea2e42.03665589.jpg

Iceman added a comment.Dec 9 2014, 9:31 AM

Is it possible to upload the image, please?

This should be fixed on dev build rev 128638 and higher, could you please confirm?

How can i confirm it? I mean, should i test something or what?

Just play for a while and see if you crash or not, thanks a lot! :)