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"Helicopter - Weapon Systems #2" training mission gets stuck in infinite loop
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The Door Gunner mission of the Weapon Systems VR Training module gets stuck in an infinite loop as soon as it loads. When the mission loads, an "Out of Ammo" prompt is displayed and the mission fails. When it reloads, the same prompt is displayed and the mission fails again. This occurs even though the gunner has ammo in his gun, as evidenced by the gunner firing after the prompt has been displayed. The only way to leave the loop is to quickly exit to the VR Hub right as the "Out of Ammo" prompt is displayed.


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Helicopters DLC
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Load the "Helicopter - Weapon Systems" VR training module right after completing the "Helicopter - Basics" module.
  1. Complete the "Guided Missiles" mission (firing one missile).
  1. Continue on to the "Door Gunner" mission.
Additional Information

The helicopter-relevant mods that I have installed are "CBA A3" and "Helmet Mounted Displays MOD (metric)".

My Advanced Flight Model settings are:
Show gauges: enabled, rough landing: disabled, wind effects: disabled, auto-trim: enabled, stress damage: enabled.

It is my first time playing the helicopter VR training modules, and the first time using the new flight model.

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thanks for reporting the issue. Does it happen to you when you disable all mods? I cannot reproduce it.

It works fine without mods.

Did more testing, AGM breaks it, tested with AGM 0.93 and 0.94.1.
GitHub issue:

Workaround: Remove AGM_Aircraft.pbo

Can the poster check if this was the problem on his end as well?

Happened to me also, it was definitley AGM in my case, AGM alters the armaments on the Helos! Works perfect without mods.

My apologies for the late response, I was unable to access Arma 3 until now due to a Steam-related issue.

The cause of the bug appears to be the mod "Helmet Mounted Displays MOD [metric]". The training course works perfectly in vanilla and with all of my other mods enabled.