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See through reddot sight frames via semi transparency; Make Reflex Sights realistic:
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Since Arma1 and the implementation of 3d sights, Reflex sights have always been unrealistic in the Arma license. (They already were in OFP, but that was at the time of 2d sights so that' s behind us now).

People who know more about shooting that i do can feel free to correct me, but as far i know the key advantages of reflex sights over traditional iron sights are:
-Parallax free
-only need to line up the dot/cross...whatever the reticle is and the target, instead of having to line up the target, the front sight and the rear sight.
-Designed to be used with both eyes open, allowing the user to keep a clear, unobstructed view of what' s going on in front of him.

In Arma2, the reflex sights had none of these attributes moddeled into the game; they were basically iron sights with makeup.
In Arma3 they are parallax free, which is a big step forward, but until the introduction of sight misalignment that still offered litte advantage over irons.
Since the introduction of sight misalignment, points 1 and 2 should prove more valuable in game over irons, but still remains the fact that right now the reflex sights are used as if one eye was closed.
Thus i propose a system of semi-transparency of reflex sights when looking through these, something along those lines:

to simulate looking through reflex sights with both eyes open.

If BIS is afraid of the cod gamers seeing that and going "Arma3 is full of bugs lol can see through metal irl u can' t unless ur superman lol" maybe it could be optional and disabled by default? Just a thought.


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1 Load editor, place a soldier with any reflex sight on his weapon, whether a normal reflex sight, or one on top of a magnifying optic as player and hit preview
2 press right click to look through the sights.

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Weapon transparency wouldn't be such a bad thing considering you aim with both eyes open and you should have a bit more of 3d distance perception, but red dot sights don't feel so distant from reality as they are now.
I have a bit of experience, nothing professional, but they do feel close enough to reality imho.

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Hello Chairborne, i' m not really sure i understand what do you mean by this:

" but red dot sights don't feel so distant from reality as they are now." ?

In my opinion, as they are now red dot sights are pretty well made compared to the way they were in Arma2, and the only missing thing to make them perfect
is to not have almost all of our field of view obstructed by the frame when looking through them.
This is what this issue is about since the other shortcomings have been fixed.

Sorry if i misunderstood you.

"I have a bit of experience, nothing professional"

Same here, nothing proffesional, but i distincly remember how clear my field of view was when looking through one, which is something that i' ve yet to see reproduced with fidelity, or even try to be reproduced in any game.

I have attached a file (Both Eyes Open.png) to illustrate what I think we all want.