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Launcher has stop loading local mods.
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When starting Arma 3 without the launcher all local mods gets loading into Expansion fine, but when launching with the launcher the Expansion-list is empty (except Arma 3 default mods).


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Start Arma 3 without the launcher.
  2. Confirm that all local mods gets loading into Expansion.
  3. Close Arma 3.
  4. Start the Arma 3 launcher and start the game.
  5. Confirm that no local mods gets loading into Expansion.
Additional Information

Possible duplicate of #20348
That ticket is stated as fixed, but I still has this problem. And it did not get fix to the new Helicopter-update, so I refreshed it.

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I think it was closed because everything works as intended.
There's no reason that the game would show any other mods than you've launched in the expansion menu when you're using launcher because you can use the launcher to enable all local mods. You would also need to restart the game even if you enable mods from the expansion menu so it's just better use the launcher. I can also imagine only more problems if you could enable mods from the expansion menu if you use launcher.

Just enable the mods from the launcher because that's why it exists...

I didn't see any problem in the original ticket and in this. From the original ticket "I just tried to use the Parameters -> Mods option in the Launcher to load mods and this seems to work fine. "

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With a launcher you have a modline. -mod:@mod1;@mod2;

This will force the loading of that mod and no other mods.
I would say this is a inteded feature of the entire arma series.

As stated from St.Jimmy the launchers job is to enable mods. So it forces those mods onto the game. If you choose nothing then it will force that no mods are loaded.

Are you saying that it is intended that you get less features then you open the game in a more advance way? It would be okay if the launcher scanned for local mods, but right now it does not.
And I do not need to know how to use the -mod=parameter, I have been using it for many years, thank you. :)
But it clearly looks like a bug, so that's why I am reporting it. If the BI says it's not, then I will be quiet and continue to develop missions. :)

It's the same thing if you launch mods through Steam launch parameters or if you add mods to your Arma3.exe shortcut, you can only see the mods you've enabled through those and nothing else in the expansion menu.

They needed to force even empty -mod= parameter which causes that you don't see any local mods in the expansion because there were some issues I believe. Launcher is using -mod= parameter and the expansion menu is using your profile file so that can cause some confusion.

But the mods was showing up just fine without any problems (for me at least) at least two updates ago, when starting via the launcher of cause.

Thank you that helped:

"Forced -mod= parameter to be presents at all times, even when no mods are selected"

so would say intended feature :)

this is indeed intended behavior as there were problems caused by double loading of the addons. The launcher is still being worked on and more features are to come. The main goal is to make it easier to use, do not worry that it will block some functionality.

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