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A fair few people I know who play ArmA 3 see you updating Helicopters and the infantry side of things with the Marksman DLC.

But we would like to see more of an emphasis on the Armored game play, seeing as it isn't really that in depth. I think adding more capabilities is needed in most cases, due to the current limitations within the game a lot of what armored combat is meant to be is lost due to the lack of emphasis that has been shown in many aspects of the game.

When you look at armored combat next to infantry combat, you get a feel for just how much this game seems to have been based on that rather than every thing to do with combat in general.

Here is a list of features I'd like to see added to the armored side of the game.


  1. Realistic physics
  2. Realistic armor properties
  3. Realistic real world technology
  4. Better defense physics (Chance of shots bouncing)
  5. More in depth command options
  6. Ability to set speed of the vehicle with a mouse wheel
  7. Slow crawl - 5-8 kph
  8. Medium crawl - 10-12 kph
  9. Normal speed - 15-25 kph
  10. Full speed - Varies between vehicle types.
  11. Ability to form holding formations
  12. Give vehicles a wear and tear system
  13. Make armored combat more engaging and realistic
  14. Add the ability to choose upgrades.


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Please search the internet to find out more about armored combat, take time to learn about the different roles they perform, and can provide during a combat setting.

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Well, the next DLC is Marksmen so I guess this could be after that or implanted into the Expansion.

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  1. Give vehicles a wear and tear system
  2. Add the ability to choose upgrades.

For 8, what does this mean? As vehicles are firing, idle, moving ect., they just slowly degrade?

And for 10, you will need to elaborate.

Otherwise, I'm all for armor physics!

Upvoted. Unfortunately today, the work with tanks looks weak and needs improvement( Not present many basic details and now, after the release of DLC Helicopters such flaws become more noticeable.

Reapzer added a subscriber: Reapzer.May 7 2016, 7:45 PM

Hi, I'll give brief explanation to 8 and 10.

8 - Wear and tear, what I mean by this is that when vehicles operate in certain terrains, and conditions for a period of time. They become more prone to part wearing out, sudden mechanical failures, etc.

Taking into account the fact that armored vehicles are combat vehicles, it is certain they take damage during combat, I want to see an in depth system that focuses on realistic wear and tear. Ranging from small problems to major issues.

These could include:

Electrical problems, oil leaks, fires, parts breakage, engine seizing etc.
And much worse damage can be caused by being attacked, but this systems should also include a repair side to it. I can't say how sick i am of having a split second repair of vehicles, i want it to take time.

10 - Upgrades. What I mean by this is to be able to take a basic tank, lets take a Challenger 2 for example, a basic version... no armor upgrades, no RWS or anti IED systems.

Then just like you have on a infantry, you have 3 maybe four slots. 1 for an armor package, 1 for a weapon choice either MG or RWS and another for Defense systems such as an anti IED system and a 4th slot for a camouflage that reduces the thermal signature of a vehicle.

I hope this helps.

Unfortunately the next DLC will not be this(
It will Arma 3 Marksmen DLC.

We are aware the next DLC is marksman. I mean a possible future update.

I would also add additional item.If you like this item, add it to the existing.

Today, the player can sit in any vehicles and being inside the vehicle, player can see the cabin from the inside (car, truck, aircraft, helicopter) but inside armored vehicles the player no has such opportunity! Note this.
It would be great to get modeling cab of armored vehicles for commander or driver for example, or at least part of the cab.
I know this is a big work, but such work could equalize all vehicles within the simulator game.

Mills added a comment.Nov 12 2014, 2:09 AM

How would the 'upgrades' be added to the armored vehicles? Would it be as simply as dragging it on from a engineer, or perhaps something deeper?

It is a pretty good idea, and would be even better if it expanded to all vehicles (helos, planes, boats ect). However, balance concerns may be a major issue.