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EOD/Bomb Suits
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This is something I've wanted for a long time, and so today I decided to request it here. This ticket will cover most of the information and suggestions regarding this feature request.

A bomb suit or a blast suit is a heavy suit of body armor designed to withstand the pressure generated by a bomb and any fragments the bomb may produce.

I believe else types of suits would offer more protection to EOD units attempting to dispose off bombs. Most bomb suits are covered with Kevlar, a strong material used in protective armor, drums and car tires, combined with other materials like foam and plastic. Most modern bomb suits can withstand high pressure generated by a blast, though standing on top of a bomb will realistically blast you into a million pieces no matter what. The suit consists of two pieces: The suit itself, which is quite heavy, and the helmet.

Due to the weight of the suit, I suggest either disabling sprinting/running while wearing it, or increasing the weight of it so much that running will be next to impossible. As for the suit itself, it should consist of the helmet and the suit. They should both provide a high amount of explosive protection, and a decent amount of bullet protection.

Regarding textures, I believe the NATO version should have a sand suit and black helmet, the CSAT version should have a khaki suit and a hex helmet, and the AAF version should have a green suit and a digital helmet.


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Rewoking this ticket. Now is a good time to make something like that. A Bomb suit with protection(thanks to the new Hitpoint system). The weight would limit the user to walking through the new stamina system. Half the things is done Just need a 3D model.