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Simple Fixed Wing Flight Model Enhancement
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BIS, if you can add the same throttle mapping as the one the Advanced flight model does. Why would this help? It's more realistic, it more simple on fixed wing than it is on Helicopters, and it helps instead of having to hold down thrust (q) while making turns to prevent you from loosing speed. You simply set what percent of thrust you want, and you can lower/raise the percent accordingly. This would also mean Taxiing will be doable with jets now, as you can put your thrust up to 5-10% for a steady slow push on the Tarmac.


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This would be the first step to improving the Fixed Wing Flight model. This alone would help lot of issues we currently have with thrust, and it matches the way a lot of other flight simulators actually do throttle, and it's how throttle is handled in rel life s well, you put the throttle in certain place representing how much thrust you would need the engines to be outputting.

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