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Damage state frozen if healing animation overlaps with another
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There are some cases when the player heals himself or others (FAK / Medikit) and the healing got cancelled by an other animation. After this, the player stays at the same health level and can't heal himself up again (edit: actually can't use any other object related action). You also can't get into vehicles. (It may has more effects than these ones) In my experience, respawning resets this bug.

EDIT: The same happens if you heal other players/AI: I edited the Summary and the descriptions according to that. Also changed the category from Health System to Anims.


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Steps To Reproduce

At the moment I encountered 2 way of reproducing this bug.

  1. First if all, you need to be wounded (e.g.: player setdamage 0.5;), or shoot the other player / AI

2a): If you press the "step over" button right after (almost at the same time) the healing animation starts (you may need to move to do this) and triggers the bug.

2b): Reloading can also cause this, if you hit it the reload just before the healing animation ends. If the reload animation ends before the healing animation ends, the bug does not trigger.

Additional Information

Happens on the stable and the dev branch too. I'm trying to find more methods to trigger this bug. Stance changes and falling did not trigger the bug in my experiments.

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Are you gonna fix this guys? It's pretty frustrating...

It is fixed! (hooray) You cannot interrupt the healing animation anymore.

Thanks BIS!