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New Helicopters DLC Caused Dramatic Change in Controls [Dev]
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When I pilot vanilla helicopters such as the Hummingbird I find it highly unresponsive. I cannot turn on the engine using any method other than scroll -> engine on (none of my friends said they had this issue). When I raise collective the RPM gauge blinks red immediately and the throttle in the middle (the white semi-circle bar) seems to move gradually and slowly. I have to hold the collective up control in order to fill this gauge before the chopper will lift off. And when it does lift off... oh boy, it goes straight to the moon. It's similar when I decrease collective, I fall out of the sky like a rock.

All modded choppers I have do not do this and fly reliably as they always have.

I have not tried to restore keybinds to defaults because a lot of mine are custom and I'm not sure if it will reset just helicopter controls or the controls for everything.


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Any vanilla chopper does this for me. Although 1% of the time it won't do it so I could not say it always happens. However once it occurs once within a mission, it will do it 100% of the time for the rest of that session.

It seems like when I jump into an editor mission by myself it will work when I spawn a chopper with Zeus. (It MAY have something to do with multiplayer or re-spawning?)

Additional Information

I do have custom keybinds for helicopters but haven't used any game controllers. I'm using pure keyboard, not even the mouse.

My friends within the same server, running the same mods, and have played just as long as me have said they don't notice that big of a change that I'm talking about. I have also tried without mods. My friends have used keyboards, mice, and gaming controllers and have no issues. So I don't think it has to do with those.

Running Windows 8.1 64bit

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You are probably slamming your collective up and down. Watch the bar that fills up and look at which point your helicopter takes off.

But it seems you should just use the standard flight model since you are confused with the more realistic, advanced flight model.

Menu -> Options -> Game -> *right side* = 'advanced'- set it to 'standard'

Try slamming your collective up in a real helicopter and call me if you survive it. It will either boost uncontrolable into the air, or/and would rip your blades and maybe even engine apart.

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Thanks, I'll take a look at it when I get home. I didn't set that so it must have done it by itself. But it still doesn't fully explain why it SOMETIMES won't do the advanced model. I can understand why it won't work on modded choppers by default.

As for realism, I'm playing with a keyboard so yea... don't want a sim. Just wana fly choppers like I always have in ArmA.

EDIT: That worked, thanks.

There is also an optional key bind for engine on in controls. I set mine to ctrl + E. For Rotorlib I recommend using a analogue throttle for collective input, if you ever want to make the switch back to Rotorlib.

Yea I have the engine on option keybound already and don't have any intention of using the advanced flight model any time soon as I was fine with how the helicopters were on the old flight model. That's about as realistic as I personally want it. Either way, I have no gaming controllers so it would be really awkward on keyboard.

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