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Please make script HELP window bigger [PICTURE]
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I have asked for it several times since someone redone the UI ages ago and made it smaller. Until now it has been a minor annoyance, but when new commands are added or expanded the essential information can easily get eaten by the box size like on the attached picture.

Is this really too much to ask to make the help window bigger? I cannot shake off the feeling that someone in the company is deliberately trying to create obstacles to scripting enthusiasts. {F25039}


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There's no way to scroll in this window, can't they just add that?
Arma 2's script help window was big.

I had to load arma3.exe into hexeditor to read the rest.

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All the init/on/act boxes are also much harder to use now they are smaller in A3, it splits the lines of code making it harder to follow.

There is generally so much wasted space in the editor menus it's criminal.


Make it bigger or sizable and add a scroll bar please.