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Please add the possibility to exchange the Taru's modules ingame
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If this is a planned feature - great.

If not:
It'd be really, really useful if you could exchange the Taru's modules
in the actual game. So far it seems as if there simply are a few variants
and the modules can't be swapped in any way (without player scripting).

Enabling this stuff would make it possible to e.g. drop off troops,
rtb, pick up the medical module and stand by for MEDEVAC.


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As far as I know, all the modules are exchangeable (in use with the Loadmaster). Look under unit->empty->support there you will find all Taru modules. But the Loadmaster isn't functional yet (and his view heads the wrong way).

I was thinking the same. Wish there were more variants for BLUFOR as well.
BLUFOR has 2, OPFOR has 8.

Blufor stinks, CSAT gets all the cool stuff, yet people insist on playing blufor more often than not on pub servers xD

Anyway I think this is coming, but you'll get an upvote anyway.

@Koala That is TBD. As of right now they are not exchangeable outside of scripting, but thats a pretty sloppy implementation. they can only be slung right now.

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Yeap. I think the same. Upvoted.
Anyone nows something about fast roping?