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eventhandler "fired" and "firednear" don´t return muzzle
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both eventhandlers are supposed to return "muzzle" - String. They simply don´t. They always return the weapon name where they shouldn´t. So it´s not possible identify the muzzle the shot was fired with. too bad, cause i need exactly that to check wether a silencer was used or not


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addeventhandler fired or fired near. hint str the muzzle string that should be fetched by those two handlers

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You can use weaponAccessories command for it

_silencer = player weaponAccessories currentMuzzle player select 0;
hasSilencer = !isNil "_silencer" && {_silencer != ""};

Is this satisfactory?

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yep..exactly what i wanted..thanks kid

Ok, will resolve it than unless there is something else

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