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Arma 3 Launcher [DEV] 1.0.127822 ignores auto update option
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When unticking "Update" check box on an addon in addon list, addon continues updating. Even if I untick and then restart launcher it still downloads addon.


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Not A Bug
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Have workshop addons previously installed and subscribed.
  2. Manually delete them in windows explorer.
  3. Open launcher (dev).
  4. Go to addons.
  5. Untick "update" check box.
  6. Observe download bar at bottom (it doesnt stop download).
  7. Exit launcher (dev).
  8. Open launcher (dev).
  9. Go to addons.
  10. Observe download bar at bottom (it doesnt stop download).
Additional Information

A pause all downloads button would be nice to.

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Hi Benargee,

this is not a bug, this is a design issue:
The disable update feature is meant to give you control over updates for critical addons. We don't consider a non-existing file to be a state worth preserving - this misses a point of an update breaking anything because when the file is not there, there is nothing to break.

What are you trying to accomplish?
(If you want to just postpone all downloads, you can pause the download manually in the Steam Client.)


I'm closing this issue, because it's been without a reply for a few months now and check-box in question doesn't even exist anymore.
Please feel free to create a new issue or reopen this one when you feel it's necessary.