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Darter UAV is a snake (can open and close doors) ;-)
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Darter UAV is more like a snake than a UAV, you can use it to open and close doors.
The only difference between snake and UAV is that UAV need players input to open and close doors.

Title is just a joke anyway because ArmA 3 bugs are the funniest bugs ever.


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UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)
Steps To Reproduce

-Take control over Darter UAV.
-Fly very close to door.
-Use action menu (under mouse wheel) to open or close doors.

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Whats next?
I wan my UAV to be able to get in vehicles, drive a car, wear a helmet (for increased protection, but it would probably make problems with lift force) inject morphine (to make enemies overdosing morphine) and drink a beer (operating drunk UAV would be more challenging and fun) ;-)

Snakes was funny, UAV can be even more.

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This for real? In that case i'll upvote.

I think we need more bugs, this game is a parody of a game.
Just joking.

But UAV can open doors, you can try it if you want. Not sure about other things.

I just checking other things and i found following:

-UAV can disassemble a stationary guns and grenade launchers!!!
-UAV can push animals (even bigger ones) and players just like in BF3 ;-) This small thing behaves like a huge helicopter.

Sounds like a pretty bad*ss UAV to me.

Does not bother too much though if it can open doors, but dissasembling stuff sounds odd. It is not a gamebreaking bug though.^^

Not sure if the ghosting bug was fixed or not.
Some time ago Darter UAV was capable of killing soldiers by ghosting trough them.
Single UAV could kill unlimited number of guys without any damages (if those guys was unarmed).

For me closing and opening doors giving UAV a big tactical advantage. Now UAV piloted by a skilled operator can check inside of the building for enemy even when doors are closed.

This should no longer be possible on Steam Dev rev. 127815 and higher.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

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