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Please give for player the opportunity to disable AutoSave.
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In the game there is no way to disable AutoSave.
In the singleplayer and showing-missions always we have game AutoSave.
During AutoSave, the game freezes for 3-5 seconds, the screen goes dark and the player is forced to watch it. It is annoying to the player.
Please, in the game settings, give opportunity, to disable AutoSave. {F25005} {F25006}


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You can turn it off in settings too I believe under your Profile.

How I can disable autosave usung mission maker? Or other any variants.
I want to disable this in Singleplayer or in the Demonstration missions simultaneously

You can add a saving=0 entry to description.ext in the mission folder or you can use the scripting command provided by Killzone Kid

hmmm! how difficult it is! Finally add such option in the game settings, the player should be able to do this without an explosion of brains!

This ticket was created exactly a 1 year ago! during this year no any progress. Apparently a fantastically difficult task/