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Request of the Arma 2 reticle swing
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Arma 2 has a much more realistic reticle swing when it comes to high powered optics. The pattern Arma 3 has now looks way too arcade, plus fits only standing or kneeled possitions. When prone, it is natural to rest a gun for encreased accuracy, but reticle swing is absolutely the same.
Anyone who had to deal with any sort of optics can confirm that the "jumpy" (Arma 2) swing pattern is much more realistic.


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Go to Arma 2, grab for example a M24 and check the behavior of the reticle.
I used Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead.

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Do you have any arguments against it?

Yes, you don't experience twitching like you did in arma 2 unless you're drugged and your central nervous system is fooked.

And you use the word arcade to describe the new system. I don't get it, what's "arcade" about it and why is it a bad thing?

First of all, you can go and grab some high powered binoculars or if you have an access to the real scopes, get one of those. You will notice that you can't hold it perfectly without any "jumping", even if you are resting it on something. That is natural thing, and you can't avoid it unless tripod is available.
I don't say that jumping should be very "jumpy", but it should be noticeable and natural.
Arcade means that
a) it is similar to other more casual games, such as Call of Duty
b) Current reticle swing is the same in every stance position (no problems with standing or kneeled positions, really, because swinging motion is okay when you are actually holding a gun, but , but when proned, we still have the typical swinging, even though gun should be more stable). This means that reticle swing pattern is not affected by the stance, which is not natural at all.