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Please make crash of planes normal [4 video]
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Please make crash of planes normal.

When combat aircraft сrash on the ground, or when exploded in the sky, this this plane is not falling apart. Today, the body of aircraft and wings is not able to be destroyed.

It looks is very bad:
Please make the breakage of the wings and other pieces.

When combat aircraft accelerates along and above the ground and falls, durring this moment, there is no inertia for dead fuselage. It looks also bad and not realistic:

Please make more real physic, at falling on the hight speed.

Initially crash on the water of falling interceptor has no any splash of water and explosion. But after DLC-Helicopters this effect was added.

However, now it doesn't work perfectly. You can still see the wreck without a splash of water.
Even if a surge happens for airplane it is very small. Please increase water splash and make it stable.

When the dead aircraft falls to the ground, then the plane starts twitch. Or is it twitches camera, I am not assured.
This twitches lasts a long time, until the moment of collision with the ground. Please remove this stupid twitch.


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The wreck model needs some overwork too, looks like from Armed Assault. The wings should rip off like it does with the buzzard.

I don't remember how it was in Armed Assault( Yes, definitely the wings should break off and fly away far from the hull!

In Armed Assault everthing just turned black if it was destroyed, with hardly any missing parts. Something like that just does not belong in Arma 3.

What would be cool is when a jet hits the ground hard enough that it's fuselage desinegrates and only the wings + debris parts are lying around.

If I remember correctly. Arma 2 planes wings are removed on destroyed models on planes.

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objectively - there is only water-crash problem

How only water problem?


the plane does not break apart. It looks not realistic and ridiculius.
physics of the crash leaves much to be desired.
idiotic tremor of camera is present when the aircraft is destroyed.

Or this is all is good?

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...and now, after Apex release, player can add to this problem, the VTOLs aslo.
The player not sees breakable the wings at the fall from large height or at explosion. Unfortunately all planes always indestructible

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