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Motion sickness (because of camera shaking)
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New effects for helicopters cause too much camera shaking. I can feel sympthoms of motion sickness in 10 minutes of helicopter gameplay with high speed flying and a lot of landings.
Camera shaking is too strong and lasts too long.
Human organism has a lot of muscles that reduce vibration. But in game we don't have that. Also in real life human eye can focus on one point and you will see that point clearly while moving your head. In game you look where your head pointed at + lcd lags cause blurry image -----------> motion sickness.
Also motion sickness cause bad sound positioning, but I have already opened a ticket for that.


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I dont get motionsickness from it, but it's unrealistic.
If you feel acceleration there is no wild shaking. Shaking only occurs if you have turbulences, and acceleration in random directions in short order.

Or does your entire body shake if you accelerate in a car? No it doesnt! Same with an airplane or helicopter. Remove it. Replace it by blackout/redout viewlimitations if you must.

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you can turn off the camera shake in options.

It doesn't help. Camera shake remains in helicopters.

This problem also persist when advanced fly model disabled.