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The destruction of any buildings has no sound. Please give sound! (1 video)
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Today ARMA3 we have weak effects of destruction, but this effect is complicated by the lack of sound(
All the buildings in the game have no sound at destruction!
Look again:

Please add sound of heavy destruction, this will improve the perception of the player!


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Open editor
  2. Shoot in the Building from launcher
  3. Watch no sound
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It is a pity that initially the developers do not pay attention to destruction in the game.
Today in the Arma3 we don't have a good destruction, such as in Battlefield, for example.
This omission can be reduced if to add to the game quality sounds of destruction.
It is much easier to do than to adapt the game engine to calculate the detailed destruction.

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I actally never noticed that until I've read this thread but you are totally right... If we get sounds for this it will increase gameplay-experience. Upvoted!

Our prayers brought us the sounds of destruction(v1.36), but the sounds of destruction is very weak(
Who does not believe my words, please watch and listen here: [^]

Note! The sound of the explosion is much louder than the sound of destruction and falling of building.
Where the sound of the fall of heavy stones and concrete elements?
We hear only the glass is broken and small details.
Near this destruction there is no feeling of falling buildings.
Also at distances of 15-25 meters sound almost inaudible!
If we destroy a large building completely, we need to hear loud and powerful sound at a great distance!
Make the sound much louder and more powerful!

sound is added and present in game. Enjoy :)

There is still small problem with destroying part of small building. For now we keep it this way because there is work with higher priority. Will get back to this later. Thanks for understanding.