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Helicopters sliding too much when landing on ground after last updates.
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I find that after the last update, the helicopters slide way too much in solid flat ground. Thing that haven't happened before.

If ypu turn on an heli ypu will notice the heli starts to slide and you can't make it stop, even fully turning down the trottle, like if it was on ice.

Same happens when you land, the heli will slide as if it was ice behind the wheels.

I've been flying almost a year already in arma 3, so i can assure this is a new issue.


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Operating System
Windows 7
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Turn on a helicopter on an horizontal flat surface.
  1. The heli will start automatically to slide on the floor
  1. Same thing when landing. You will practically won't be able to stop that slide.

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Issue just affecting arma 2 helicopter ports. This thread can be closed.

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