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[setRopeElasticity] - Sling Ropes behave like a giant rubber band
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Can we get a "setRopeElasticity" option?

This option would help with Tow ropes, Fast ropes, or Cliff repelling ropes.


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Sling load anything and watch the ropes. They're a little to rubber-band-y.

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@DarkSideSixOfficial: Please stop abusing the monitoring system. It will only get you banned and won't help your ticket in any way.

Fireball, I hope you are talking to someone else, because I have not tried anything to "abuse the monitoring system".

I created this ticket, but that's all I did. I wouldn't know how to abuse the monitoring system. I'm clueless.

Sorry, should have been more specific; it was about DarkSideSixOfficial. Fixed now.

Thanks Fireball ! ! !

Hehe, sorry about that Heyvern69/Fireball, got a little carried away. Won't happen again. =D

I have no idea what you did, but it's all good in the hood. No problem.

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Can now create custom rope classes with ropeCreate where you can do that.