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Restrict the carrying of large/ungainly weapons within certain vehicle seats
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In reality, you can't fit a sniper rifle or rocket launcher in your jet's cockpit with you. It's simply not possible. So why not emulate this in-game?

Certain seats such as gunner, pilot and commander slots should not allow the carrying of Rocket launchers, Sniper rifles, and for some certain slots, perhaps even long-barreled rifles.

Passenger seats would allow units to carry these, as they can be put between the legs, on laps, etc.
And certain spaces (such as MRAP gunners and drivers) could allow players to carry long-barreled rifles

But some slots, especially pilot and gunner seats in aircraft (and perhaps armor as well) should not allow anything larger than a carbine to be carried comfortably within them, as there isn't space for such an item in the cockpit.

If a player wishes to bring a rocket launcher along on their helicopter transport mission, the inventory is the realistic place to store it.


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Restricted Items (by vehicle type and slot)

MRAP and Civilian Vehicles (Hunter/Strider/Ifrit, Offroads/SUV/Hatchback):

  • Driver, Commander, Gunner: Launchers, Sniper Rifles (GM6 & LRR)
  • Passengers: no restrictions

Transport Vehicles (HEMTT, Zamak, Tempest)

  • Driver, Passengers in cab: Launchers, Sniper Rifles
  • Passengers: no restrictions

Armor (Marshal, Kamysh, Marid etc):

  • Driver, Commander, Gunner: Launchers, Sniper Rifles, DMRs, (perhaps) Long rifles (non-carbine variants)
  • Passengers: no restrictions

Aircraft (Fixed wing, To-199/A-164)

  • Pilot: Launchers, Sniper Rifles, DMRs, Long rifles, Carbines (only pistols and SMGs permitted)

Aircraft (Rotary-Wing, attack Kajman/Blackfoot)

  • Pilot, Gunner: Launchers, Sniper Rifles, DMRs, Long Rifles
  • Passengers: no restriction

Aircraft (Rotary-Wing, Ghosthawk/Orca/Hellcat/XH-9)

  • Pilot, Copilot, Gunners: Launchers, Sniper Rifles, DMRs, Long Rifles
  • Passengers: no restriction

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I really like the idea. You are forced to manage your inventory. Drivers will stay drivers and pilots will stay pilots. But I don't think, it's in the interest of the casual gamers.

This is the only problem with it, perhaps it would be a module configurable from mission to mission

For MRAPs and trucks, no, as the crew is likely to be forced to disembark, but for jets and other vehicles with limited/no cargo space, yes please. Upvoted. Pistols and maybe SMGs should be allowed though in my opinion.
Edit: Having it as a parameter setting would be a good idea I think, just like dropping weapons when swimming in Arma 2.

I'll update the "additional information" to more specifically describe what slots would get what

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There is a vehicle inventory for reason and also it should reduce the one man rambo style gameplay.

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With the ability to access inventories from inside vehicles, I don't see a problem with this as it could be scripted into forcing you out of the vehicle as you grab your weapon.

Either that or simply do not allow the person to put the weapon in the slot (as if you were trying to put a rifle in the pistol slot). I think forcing them out is a little unreasonable.