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Overpowered idle animations (developement AND vanilla branches)
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While trying to conceal yourself in a a full tree or low brush you also want to stay still as to not attract attention. But when remaining still, the idle phase takes control of your character until you move again, making them wipe their brow line, lift up their feet or lift up their weapon to their face to inspect it.

These idle animations (when trying to be stealthy) make your character's geometry of both their physical form and their items (NVGs and weapons) clip through brush and other taller foliage which can give one's position away.

This and the following also applies to the dev branch:

When on an MH-9 hummingbird's benches with your weapon lowered, the animation while having your weapon lowered makes your view bob up and down and left to right without end. The only fix as of now is to go to 3rd person which is not an option for me as I want to maintain my immersion.


Myself and others DO understand that with your very nicely rendered models and how they look in the RV4 engine. And that with the graphical enhancements, why not bring the avatars to life, making them seem alive, giving more life to them and their environments, right?

These types of animations are just not what we need. Really, they serve no combative purpose with absolutely no functionality with the core aspect of the game; Playing it.

If your absolutely must keep these animations in the game, please at least develop some way for the character models to realize what state their environment is in. Or if ANY sounds of explosions or gunfire can be heard. This would allow a contextual way for animations to be displayed or not, depending on if their environment calls for them or not.

Or perhaps make it an optional thing in the game menu along with "third person" and "extended armor". That'd be great also.

Seeing as a lot of work definitely went into putting these animations in the game, I can see why people would be unwilling to simply do away with all that work.

Food for thought though.


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Personally, they need to be toned down at least; No wiping their brow, no inspecting the bottoms of their shoes or their weapons. no raising their hand up to look at their palms. We have no use for any of these things nine times out of ten whilst in the game.

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Maybe only use them for behaviour is 'SAFE' and unit is not player. Most of these animations fit a 'bored' state for guards etc., not units in action.

When you just cleared the lz of enemy forces and are waiting for the chopper to come in fast to take you out, your specOps guy suddenly starts yawning, WTF? :-)

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The idle animations you described only appear in first person when a player is concerned.