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Server admin Ability to detect who is deleting or creating markers
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In a public servers environment there has always been an issue trying to detect which player is deleting important markers or which player is creating unwanted markers.
This typically occurs during the briefing stage of a mission but also happens ingame.

It would be extremely helpful if we as server admins can detect which players are carrying out these unwanted acts so we can deal with them appropriately

Solutions that come to mind are
a) A systemchat message to the admin
b) Eventhandlers "MarkerCreated", "MarkerDeleted"

systemchat format ["%1 has just deleted a %2 %3 marker labeled %4"]
%1: Players name
%2: Marker colour
%3: Marker type
%4: Marker Text

Name of player who created it
Marker Type (Classname)
Marker Colour
Marker text
Marker Position
Marker Scope (e.g. Global, Side, Group etc)


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This should be MP and SP for non moderation purposes too.

There should also be a method to disable players from placing markers and deleting them. Both MP and SP.

I would like to see the eventHandler solution added in. It can be rather annoying when people come into a server at mission start or mid-way and start spamming the map with racial markers and other stupid crap.


are the way to go with ability to override. Has to return array with all marker information, user who placed it and channel, While this is still a fantasy, I've made a workaround:

Mind you because of marker bugs in related tickets this may bugs out too.