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Silencers cause weapons to inflict more damage
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The damage inflicted by a weapon with a silencer is increased by 10%. That makes it possible, in a lot of cases, to kill an infantry target in 3 bullets instead of the usual 4 (validated mostly against CSAT infantry). In practical terms, it makes silenced weapons more powerful than non-silenced weapons.
While silencers should not make the damage smaller, this adds an unrealistic motivation to use a silencer. Silencers should not boost the damage inflicted by the fired bullet.


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Fire an MX on a CSAT infantry chest target with and without a silencer. Count the number of bullets required to kill it:

Suppressed MX shots to the chest at 300m: 3 shots required for a kill.
Without the suppressor, at least 4 shots are required for a kill.

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Was this fixed? From Feb 2 dev branch thread:
"Tweaked: Decreased the positive impact of suppressors over the weapons’ muzzle speeds to more reasonable levels"