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Virtual Arsenal weapon or item restrictions not functional (Virtual Ammobox).
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And i can not understand why it isn´t fixed in 1.30?
You promised to fix this issue in 1.30
We are not able to use the Arsenal when we dont want that everybody can use Thermal Scopes etc.

That's not a state!
Helicopter or not, not a penny before it does not run properly !!!! And I say it loud, you can bet on it!

I understand that ArmA is a complex program and that it is extremely difficult to constantly keep in mind all eventualities, but it is your own fault. If you dont looped through the OPF system till today, because of laziness, you dont have to listen to this. And yes, i mean the situations on balcony island in Kavala and elsewhere on Altis. If we, your customers would not consume such a huge amount of painkillers, there was no way to recommend your Products! Keep that in Mind!


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Can anyone reproduce this in the dev-branch? I can't.

It is not fixed in 1.30 because the 1.30 update was a hotfix (containing only MP desync fixes). The next full update will be 1.32 with this issue fixed as well.

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

Please PM me in BI Forums ( if you feel your bug was closed in error.

This issue is still present v1.98.

I ceated a mission in the Eden editor and used the Virtual Environment map.

I added a single unit and a weapon crate which I named CRATE_1.

Then in the mission directory (the one with the mission.sqm file) I added an init.sqf file with the following code:

["AmmoboxInit", [CRATE_1, true]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;
sleep 1;

_weaponsToExclude = [

[ CRATE_1, _weaponsToExclude , true ] call BIS_fnc_removeVirtualWeaponCargo;

However all the MX assault rifles with grenate launchers continue to appear in the vritual arsenal when it is opend.

Additionally I notice an error message being displayed in the bottom right corner, that appears when you open the virtual arsenal:

[BIS_fnc_baseWeapon] Class '%ALL' not found in CfgWeapons