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Missile Lock Sound affected by vehicle attenuation
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soundLocked is muffled by the vehicle attenuation effect when in interior view of a vehicle. This shouldnt be the case, as the sound comes from inside the vehicle, not from outside.

In exterior view you hear the locked sound clear. In Interior view it's muffled and very silent, making it difficult to hear at times.

haven't tested soundIncommingMissile but i wouldn't be surprised if it's the same.


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Get into a jet, start the engine. Lock at a target in interior view. Notice how muffled and silent the lock sound is.
Go into exterior view, lock again. Compare the difference.

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Thumbs up! I can't hear soundlocked or soundincomingmissle at all anymore.

soundincomingmissle, this in particular, very low sound

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Still not fixed. First person incoming missile sound in most air vehicles is just too quiet.

Damm it, how this could be missed by developers? Comment, comment, comment, they will se its commented (updated) and they will need to fix it

Problem fixed. Changes will be in nearest patch.

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