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[FFV] Utilize Stance Adjust to Enhance Firing Position
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One feature I would like to see from firing from vehicles is the ability to shoot out of more than just the back of vehicles. For example, the passenger of civilian vehicles should be able to fire out the window, and the copilot of an open-cockpit helicopter such as the XH-9 series should be able to fire out of the cockpit (video in Add'l Info).

The passenger of a car should be able to fire out of their window. But this is a very limited area they can fire from, so the person could press, say, LCtrl+W and their character would rest their armpit on the window, lean their head out, and hold their gun outside the car. This would allow them to fire at a much wider area than before. However, the penalty for moving into this less stable position is that the weapon sway, effect of recoil, and misalignment of sights from movement both the weapon and vehicle would be much greater, significantly hindering accuracy.

In the same vehicle, the player would move their stance adjust once again (this time, say, LCtrl+S), and their character would move the gun to their other side, swivel their body and lean out the window, but this time, because their seating position is an awkward one, range/speed of motion and accuracy would be even more affected.

This applies to other certain positions also. For example, while sitting in the back of a pickup truck, the shooting position is fairly comfortable/natural. But say the player wants to get a slightly higher vantage point for whatever reason. They could stance adjust upwards, granting them a higher position with more freedom of movement at the cost of exposure and shooting stability. Conversely, under a hail of fire they might stance adjust downwards to conceal themselves within the bed of the truck (also good for hiding in general), at the cost of field of view.


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Pilot shooting his rifle out of the cockpit (sorry for the poor quality)

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Had an identical idea, for the offroad however my idea was that if you were in the rear seats against the cabin you could stand up but as you were stood you had to hold on with one hand (or both when weapon lowered) and then you could only either one hand a pistol, smg, rifle, etc but without being able to aim.

Nice to see I was not the only one with the idea!

Also a system similar to what Hardline did in which you can lean out the cabin window, which could easily be done with Stance Adjust Step Lean.

I did play the Hardline beta and I know what you mean
I suppose that could work, although I think it exposes the player a little too much and would also require more work-intensive animations to have them hoist themselves up through the window, but it could still work.

Using the stance adjustment keys seems to be a great solution for such things as you could "switch" between the states and change the animations accordingly.
Great and reasonable idea!

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Stance adjustment would be great. For positions that it would make sense a key change to change position would be good with a 180 degree arc. - Sort of at front of truck a "face forward" toggled with "face rearward" with accompanying animations?