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Trigger looping in the preview without satisfying conditions
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I was looking for a trigger to end a cooperative mission: in this trigger i wanted to have ALL alive players in the perimeter of the trigger in order to launch the End of Mission; it was a sort of "Extraction" of the war zone.

So i made this (you will see few differences with STR part):
i created a BLUFOR player on a map (tested on Stratis in vanilla, and Sahrani through All In Arma Terrain Pack), i created a Flag in order to locate the Trigger, then i created a trigger, with a radius of 5m, i name it Trig1 (for the example) and set parameters as following:
Type: none
Activation: BLUFOR
Time: One Time (or repetition, it works too; and the trigger loops in "One Time")
Presence: "is present"
Condition: {(isPlayer _x) and (alive _x)} count playableUnits == {(isPlayer _x) and (alive _x)} count list Trig1;
On Act.: hint "test OK";
On Deact.: hint "test echec";
I've put an object (an oil puddle) out of the trigger zone to "see it"

When i launch Preview, the trigger is automatically activated, displaying "Test OK" on the top of the right of the screen. If a set "repetition" on the trigger and i step in the trigger zone, "Test echec" is displayed. {F24830}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Launch Arma 3, in vanilla, or with any mod (tested with All In ArmA Terrain Pack v1.2.1)

2)Go to Mission Editor

  1. create a BLUFOR Player
  2. Create a Flag
  3. Create a trigger named Trig1 on the Flag; no sync, no group needed
  4. Set the radius of Trig1 on 5m (square or Circle)
  5. no timer
  6. no text
  7. Type: NONE
  8. Activation: BLUFOR
  9. One Time or Repetition (no influence on Looping Execution)
  10. "Is Present"
  11. condition: {(isPlayer _x) and (alive _x)} count playableUnits == {(isPlayer _x) and (alive _x)} count list Trig1;
  12. On Act.: hint "test OK";
  13. On Deact.: hint "test echec"; (like failed, in French)
  14. (optional) Add a musique to the event on Effect Tab, in order to hear the loop
Additional Information

This occures only in Preview mode: if i export this to MP mission then i launch it on a dedicated server, the phenomenon disappears and the trigegr works as expected.

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playableUnits is returns a empty array when your in preview mode.

playableUnits returns correct value on a dedicated server; but can you explain WHY the trigger is excuted while conditions are NOT satisfied ? (in fact, i'm not in the trigger perimeter to satisfy the first condition: activation by Blufor)
The problem is not the return value of playableUnits, but the trigger's activation.
Or may i have misundestood the Condition Function, where it replaces conditions defined above (timer, side etc...) ?

Moreover, is it normal in preview mode to not be counted as playableUnit ? (in Preview mode, it would not be surprizing that PlayableUnits returns a value equals to 1; but returning an empty value is certainly surprizing)

PiepMGI added a subscriber: PiepMGI.Sep 3 2018, 6:40 PM

Probably an initialization sequence where 0 == 0

Just add count allPlayers > 0 && ... in the condition field.