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New one or two man helicopters
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I think that Arma 3 needs at least one one or two man helicopter without radar maybe. I think it will be good for TvT games, pilots can fly and explore. Map makers may spawn 2-3 of this helicopters without disbalancing for other team, cause this helicopters cannot transport soldiers or any ammunition.

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May somebody explain their negative votes? I think Arma 3 needs ultralight reconnaissance helicopter. Why do you want not to see this kind of helicopters in game?

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We already have the MH-9, an that's pretty light plus you can take off the benches. And I'm not sure what use we would have for a 1-man civilian helicopter... I'm pretty sure the Kiowa is a 2-seater, but that's a military helicopter and isn't an ultralight. Why don't you mod your own?

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To be honest it would be cool..

gutsnav, main purpose of this helicopter - reconnaissance. Pilots will check territory, put marks on the map and make reports to the HQ.
HQ don't want to risk with transport helicopter - MH-9.
It is 2035 yer in Arma 3 and I don't see any problem to make new military helicopter from one of this.

BTW. There are different fractions in game. Some of them may use civilian vehicles.

It is actually a good idea. Just with a one-seater I must disagree.

In a one-seater you would have to pilot, navigate, scout for enemies and use a mounted FLIR camera (a must-have for scout helicopters in 2035) on your own.

A two-seater would be a ideal for such a task. A pilot and a "gunner"/Co-pilot, using the camera, just like in the Hellcat. Also it would give civilians a proper little helicopter. Something like a Robinson R22 would be good.

If Bohemia is willing to do this, which I honestly dought, then such a helicopter could save alot of virtual soldier's lives and add a missing civilian air vehicle.

Psst, this is why we have the Darter. :)

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There is a reason why are all these civilians.

SilverDude: Using UAV is safer for that task. Unmanned is always safer than some small helicopter with minimal defense.

Of course UAV is safer. But in some missions and situations you may not have UAV's.

Probably we can remove soldiers from in-game and use only unmanned vehicles. But I think this will break all gameplay of Arma 3.

I really don't understand downvoters. This proposition will not break anything. It will improve gameplay and make it more diverse, especially in TvT game.

Using your argument that its 2035. UAV... I dont think the military uses ultra light helicopters or will use them in the future. There are more important helicopters than this that need to be made. Why would they want to risk a little slow ultra light helicopter over a faster light heli like the MH-9? In the world 2035 is hardware worth more than human lives? The chances that you would have a bulky ultra light over a back packable uav are slim to none.

The only possible exception to this would be a rag tag independant force, but still highly unlikely


I love the little mosquito too, but i would never expect BIS to make it into game. 1 word, MOD.

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AH-9 would work as a recon chopper, and its able to defend itself, besides, there is a feature request for an RH-9 somewhere.

Benargee, there are several factions in game. Some of them may use this kind of helicopters.

We just need those TKOH parts back,-which we had before a certain update- then we could have a nice MH-9 with doors and a FLIR camera mounted on the side for scouting.

The AH-9 is not very good in my opinion because it is a easy target and it can only attack at closer ranges.(Not to mention it has no flares)

With a FLIR camera and some Hellfires such a task would be great for the little chopper. You can stay out of reach with a FLIR and still attack at longer ranges with Hellfires/DAGR.

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but if its armed then it wouldn't be an RH-9, it would be a variant of an AH-9