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unmanned mortar
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This is very simple, is it even possible to add in a unmanned mortar. Like any other unmanned object, it can only be controlled by UAV operator. When the UAV operator is in his computer, the mortar can go into the scope mode or artillery computer.

The ammo count would the only one set (roughly 6-8 mortar shells) before it is empty and unusable unless refilled by ammo support. The mortar can still shoot smoke rounds but that can be changed depending on what everyone thinks.

To move the unmanned mortar, it still requires two people to move the mortar with the two backpacks.


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I was intrigued by this request, so I did quick testing, well it is possible to do even now. It almost perfect but still:

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Technically, why not.. I mean it would have a lot of advantages in 2035, set an unmanned mortar in a remote position, it's directly usable by the concerned squad and if it's tracked down and discovered, no human loss.

The problem would be that it's an easy asset to capture...

This could be applied to the gunner seat in the self propelled artilleries aswell.

I'm all up for this, it's a great idea: upvote for you.

While HMG and GMG can be manned remotely (and I think there is a autonomous version anyway), mortars cannot be unmanned as someone needs to reload them. So I guess for realism purposes it was left out, but still possible to be done by script.

its the year 2035, they had plenty of time to add a autoloader onto the damn thing

Did you have to edit config files to make an unmanned mortar? Or did you use normal scripting, by that I mean, SQF?

True, the reload would be a problem. Then again, in 2035, an automated arm and a rack of ammo..

well in arma we have a 3 round gp so could it be too hard to think in that way when shooting mortars?

While you can't get an autonomous Mk6 mortar you can get something similar if you follow these steps:

  1. Create a Mk6 with AI crew
  2. Create Support Provider Artillery Module and Sync To the Mk6 gunner
  3. Create Support Requester Module and Sync to the player and Sync to the Support Provider Module

Now play the mission and you can use just about anything, map, gun sight, or UAV turret to request the mortar to fire at.
To request a strike look at something and press 0-8-1-1-1-1 works great on the map and even gives you a countdown