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Mouse view in helicopter pilot's seat now overrides mouse flight (devbranch)
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In previous versions, as recently as Aug 28 devbranch (126953), it was possible to control the helicopter using the mouse in order to perform cyclic inputs -- turn left, turn right, cyclic forward, and cyclic back -- under the standard flight model.

In devbranch versions including and above Sep 09 (127101), tested recently with latest devbranch 1.29.127167, the mouse controls the pilot's view instead, and there is no possibility of disabling this mouse view that I have observed. It is now specifically impossible to use the mouse to control the aircraft in standard flight model.

The behaviour is similar to the old locked Freelook function that is triggered by double-tapping 2x Alt.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Enable standard flight model if you are not already using it.
  2. Place a helicopter in the editor.
  3. Set helicopter to Flying under the Special dropdown.
  4. Start the mission.
  5. Move the mouse around. Under all normal control schemes, this should cause the helicopter to buck wildly. Instead, no control inputs are made whatsoever and the pilot will simply move their head around.
Additional Information

I have rigorously tested this with and without TrackIR enabled, with and without TrackIR visible to the application, with and without mods, in almost all helicopters with and without eye-tracking weapons. Mouse control is consistently not available.

I am not certain in which version the view control took over the pilot control, as I did not play the dev branches in between Aug 28 through Sep 09.

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I can't reproduce your problem in the dev branch.

Go into your game settings and take a look at "vehicle freelook". If it is enabled, then there is your problem. Disable it and everything goes fine.

Best regards

That was indeed the problem! I have no idea how that setting was enabled, especially because it definitely falls under the category of "[none] that I have observed" -- I wasn't even aware of it!

I wonder if that was slipped into a recent devbranch for the HMD head tracking stuff.

Can be closed as "no bug". Tried doing that myself but apparently issue reporters can't close their own bugs. =)

Mass-closing all resolved issues not updated in the last month.

Please PM me in BI Forums ( if you feel your bug was closed in error.