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scope on the left side of the screen
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Since the last or last two update I sometimes have a really weird bug where the scope suddenly is on the left side on the screen and I can't fix it until I restart the whole game. When this bug happens I'll have it on every rifle as soon as I go into the scope view. The only weapons which still stay normal are marksman rifles, pistols and launcher.

In the past weeks I've played mostly king of the hill by sumartra so I can't say if it happens in other scenarios as well.

{F24797} {F24798}


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I couldn't really reproduce it but when it happened I usually had a similar setup:

  • Katiba
  • rco or mrco scope
  • compact AT Launcher
  • screen resolution was 1680x1050 in the fullscreen mode

Often it happened after switching from the AT launcher to the katiba, but not always. Usually it happened suddenly in the mid of the game

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A short video showing the problem

thank you for the report. Sadly, I was unable to reproduce it. Could you please send me an rpt file when it happens again?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\

Thank you

Thanks for the reply. Now it happened again..I've uploaded a new rpt file. The strange thing is that this time the scope ended up to be on the right side - for the first time. It happened at the end of the game session..maybe 1-4 minutes before the end (if that info helps with the rpt file) I found the problem. I've used the analog stick of a gamepad for jets to change the view and for some reason one of it's analog sticks seems to have an issue that it doesn't get correctly centered in neutral position. It's just so slightly off that I never saw it until I was in scope few...if it happened.

Sorry for your time...this obviously wasn't a game issue.

No problem, I'm glad to see that it's not bothering you anymore ;)

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