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PLEASE add an option in the setting to switch off ALL visible ambient wildlife...
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None of the ambient wildlife is synchronised over a MP server so it is purely cosmetic and none functional to the game.
It is just wasting valuable processor power that could be used for something more important.

Every 10 paces I am greeted with a crazy spinning snake :-s Which is based on the European ratsnake or leopard snake (Zamenis situla) and the ingame model is twice as big as it should be.
Even the butterfly is animated wrong and flies like it is upside down. Study the propulsion and flight dynamics of a butterfly and you will find that they are far more complex and accurate than you think they are.
The rabbit (while running) should take twice as many steps as it does for the speed it is travelling, at the moment the rabbit defies gravity by gliding in between steps. (ARMA 2 rabbit was animated brilliantly)
All this makes for a very unrealistic and rigid looking environment which I would rather not see while playing.

A simple tab in the options would be great (like turning blood on and off)
GAME OPTIONS >>> GENERAL >>> ambient wildlife >>> ENABLE/DISABLE

There was ticket about this that got closed for some reason. {F24782} {F24783}


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Any news on the ability to separate ambient sound from the visible wildlife just like Virtual Battlespace using enableEnvironment false?
It's all or nothing at the moment with ARMA 3

Please make it like this...

Instead of fixing the 'run' animation for the rabbits, it has been completely removed...

The 'run' animation for the rabbits used to look really bad.
So recently the run animation was completely removed.
Since the run animation was removed from the rabbits, they are now fearless to humans (see attached picture)