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The publisher tools create addon like Arma 3 tool ( like a tool) (STEAM ISSUE)
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The publisher tools create addon like Arma 3 tool ( like a tool) and the addons isn't showed like Arma 3 addon.

With this behavior all the addons published on STEAM are auto-added like Arma 3 tool and not like conten for the game Arma 3.

I dont know if theres an option to avoid that. The publisher tool dont show any information or button to change this behaviour.

In the previous version works perfect. {F24776}


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Create an addon (pbo and publish) The addon is showed like Arma 3 tool ( or inside this section.

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You can see the problem inside my profile:

With this the addon never is showed inside the game.

Someone knows something about the publisher tool? Is this an issue? There's an option to avoid the tool publish addons on the Arma 3 tool section?

you must start the publisher with

Arma3 tools GUI
select Publisher
Publish addon

It wont work from direct folder publisher.exe or short cut or steam > publisher


Thanks man!

Works perfect...

The problem is solved right now!

The issue can be closed.

Fix for this will be released tomorow with stable version. It will work all three ways then. thx for workaround and sorry for troubles,