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Radio Silence completely broken
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Start of the mission the hunter is suppose to be moving to the correct location with 3 npc and the player in it.
The driver npc is missing so the hunter do not move.When Alpha says Kerry Dismount you get dropped off beside the not moving hunter The npc infront of you in the Hunter disappears the NPC on the left does nothing(not sure if he is suppose to do something) Team leader magically teleport to the mountain almost 1.5km infront of me when the radio says 600m.
After the bombing of the 3 watch tower Bravo is suppose to move in and the player is suppose to be picked up by the Hunter
Team leader runs down the hill and stops(that's it for Team Leader), Bravo was never on the map the hunter even at its original starting point when i finish the bombing(so the mission cannot continue normally from this point). {F24772} {F24773} {F24774} {F24775}


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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This is a massive bug for me but somehow i am unable to find any relevant information or ticket about this.

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Are you on Dev branch? Might have something to do with the getPosATL command not working.

no,well i don't even know what is dev branch.

could you please attach your newest rpt file?
C:\Users\<Name>\AppData\Local\Arma 3\


could you please verify your game files via Steam?

After then, please try to run your Arma as an admin.

Thank you.

i've done both but not in that order so ... maybe.

No, it doesn't work sadly..

I cannot tell why this is happening. COuld you please try to switch to Steam Dev version?

You can find how to change to Steam Dev here:

maybe i am just a special case, if there is any more suggestion on what i can do to play the campaign on the normal steam build or any addition information that you need to identify why this is happening please do tell me.

Does it happen to you on the Steam Dev build?

yet to find out.

So the problem still persist with the hunter dropping you off 1.5km away but now it will drive away to the correct designation(after it dropped off at the wrong location.....) Right now the mission is functional as long as you run to the correct location. All the other malfunction i spotted is fixed.