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Submarines(all boats) produce water splash sound when ashore
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I've just noticed that the submarines produce that strange water sound.
I'm not sure, whether that was the case before 1.28 or not.

-Edit: Just noticed that this issue is still persistened. In addition it applies to all ships. No mods were used during testing.



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Steps To Reproduce
  • Go into the editor
  • Place a submarine on tarmac or similar surface
  • Listen to the sound it makes
Additional Information

Was tested in Singleplayer and without mods.

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It happens with all boats, not just submarines. You get the noise of water slapping on the hull as it the thing was at rest in the water.

A simple watersurface check in config is needed. Just because it is a boat it doesn't mean no one will place it ashore

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_isWater = surfaceIsWater position boat;

Something like this maybe?

config has own set of conditions, i will be surpised if there is no surfaceiswater condition there.

Resolved according to the author.